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June 11, 2012

Josh Kloss, Pal Zileri brand ambassador

imagebam.comWe have already seen Josh Kloss in the last two Pal Zileri advertising campaigns and again in the new Autumn/ Winter 2012/2013 images, giving continuity and recognition to the brand. Josh is easy recognisable with his statuary beauty and deep, jewel green eyes; he also embodies a mature charm, the same as the Pal Zileri man.
imagebam.comJosh also has great expressivity. Josh has had a multifaceted career to date, he has appeared in one of the most famous and followed American series; in fact in 2003 he played a part in 5 episodes in “The O.C.”, playing Chip Saunders, a wealthy schoolboy from the rich city. In 2009 he also wrote, produced, directed and interpreted “Switch and Hedges”, a short film of fifteen minutes set in Los Angeles in which the actor William Wayne appeared. Those who are accustomed to seeing him in Pal Zileri clothes have difficulty imagining him wearing a hat and t-shirt, as he appears in the video of the queen of pop Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”. She has chosen Josh to play her boyfriend, the author of the dream of love that gives the title to the song. Also Erika Jane chose him for the filming of the video “One hot pleasure” in which the image of Josh is even sexier, playing and engaging centre stage in a club. Josh has featured in many magazines such as “Monologue” and “GQ”, but male models have longer careers than women, in fact he is already 31 years old, but he shows more charm and maturity than when he was younger. A brand ambassador is the image of a brand, but also a mirror in which the buyers recognize themselves, a model in the deepest sense of the word.Pal Zileri’s collections are a perfect fit for Josh’s high stature, portraying an image of a distinct, elegant, classic, but not “conservative” man.


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